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Avive Mining New Update: How to Complete the Avive KYC Phase 1 for Avive Mining App Withdrawal

Avive Mining New Update: How to Complete the Avive KYC Phase 1 for Avive Mining App Withdrawal

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Avive latest update: Complete the Avive-OKX KYC on your Avive mining app

Avive, in collaboration with OKX, has launched the first phase of its KYC verification. This Avive-OKX partnership simplifies the KYC process for all Avive citizens who have KYC-verified OKX accounts

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Follow these steps to complete the Avive OKX KYC 👇👇👇
1️⃣ Create an OKX account now if you don’t have one:
2️⃣ Complete your OKX KYC to verify your OKX account
3️⃣ Copy your OKX UID
4️⃣ Tap on the “Avive KYC Phase One” banner in your Avive mining app
5️⃣ Paste your OKX UID in the textbox provided
6️⃣ Tap on the “Share To Twitter” button to share the KYC post on your Twitter account
7️⃣ Tap on the “Submit” button on your Avive mining app to submit your OKX UID for review

If the OKX app is unavailable in your region, complete this form so that Avive can review your account and help you to complete the Avive KYC Phase One ➡️

How to Complete the Avive KYC Phase 2 for Avive Mining App Withdrawal:

How to use Avive mining app
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