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AI Trading Bot - BTC/USD + ETH/USD - Buy/Sell Signals

AI Trading Bot – BTC/USD + ETH/USD – Buy/Sell Signals

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This code is free for all to use, improve, and share. Enjoy!

I am trading the BTC chart on the left using the paper trading platform from TradingView.

The AI bot is trading ETH and it will buy when the yellow 9MA crosses up through the orange 36MA, and sell to close the position when the 9MA crosses down through the 36MA. Nothing else. No shorts. No margin. No hassles with exchanges. Never leveraged. Can’t be taken out. Simple!

I tried to put the full code here but all of a sudden YouTube doesn’t like us putting code into this box! Look back a video or two it’s in the video and the description area too.

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