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8 Ways To Make Money In Web3

8 Ways To Make Money In Web3

In this video I break down the different ways to make money in web3 and an estimate on what you can expect. Sure you may not make that milli, but any additional income in a space you’re passionate about isn’t bad at all.

These are guide prices. Individuals can charge more or less for their time, so all the haters that will say I’m grossly over/under estimating. I really don’t care.

0:00 Intro
0:07 Flipping NFTs
1:03 Creating NFT Project
1:44 Community Manager
2:57 Collab Manager
3:43 Advisor
4:12 Private Group
4:56 Content For Projects
5:48 Advertisements
6:42 Bonus Way
7:31 My Advice
7:56 Message For The Haters
8:45 Outro

Bitget Affiliate

Equipment I Use
Wireless Mic:
RGB Lights:
Light Stands: &

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