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[4K] Daily predictions of the future flow of the Bitcoin Price (May. 22, 2023)

[4K] Daily predictions of the future flow of the Bitcoin Price (May. 22, 2023)

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00:10 Bitcoin Fibonacci Support and Resistance
00:30 Bitcoin Moving Support and Resistance
00:50 Bitcoin Future Expected Flow Price Prediction
01:20 Bitcoin Fibonacci Based Future Flow Prediction
01:50 Bitcoin Detailed Future Estimated Flow Price Chart


This video is automatically created based on predictions made through deep learning models produced by SEENSEA.

1. Fibonacci Support and Resistance : The recent chart shows Fibonacci support and resistance.
2. Moving Support and Resistance
3. Observe daily volatility and predict future price movements.
4. Fibonacci based future flow prediction
5. Detailed future estimated price chart

In order to reflect the ever-changing volatility of the market, we constantly observe and learn about the market and upload it every day.

Therefore, I recommend that you subscribe to this channel every day.
I hope it will help you a little bit in your market analysis.

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