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#25 NFT Smart Contract:

#25 NFT Smart Contract:

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Welcome to this brand new course about blockchain. In this course, and in the upcoming ones, we will make you familiar with everything you need to know about blockchain. We will also teach you some of the latest blockchain coding skills so that you can enter the fascinating world of decentralized applications.

In this video, we will learn about NFT smart contract.
The general idea behind the “MyNFT” smart contract is to provide a basic implementation of the ERC721 non-fungible token (NFT) standard. The contract inherits from the ERC721 contract and includes functionalities for creating and managing NFTs. It uses the Counters library to generate unique token IDs and keep track of the current count. The contract allows users to create an NFT by calling the “createNFT” function, which mints a new token, assigns it to the specified recipient address, and associates a token URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) with it. The token URI can be used to retrieve metadata or additional information about the NFT. This contract serves as a starting point for building NFT applications and provides a foundation for the ownership and transfer of unique digital assets on the blockchain.

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